Accidental Haikus
Poetry by unwitting authors
Collected by Mike Hankin

Dry Cleaners in Edgeware
Collected 2021

Express Tailoring.
Sewing & alteration.
Skirts, trousers, jackets.

    Tutor in Dalston
    Collected 2021

    Maths, English, Science.
    Tutors for G.C.S.Es,
    11+, SATs.

    Bus Stop in Hackney
    Collected 2020

    Bus Stop: Forest Road.
    Towards Hoxton and Shoreditch.
    14. 149.

    Carpark in Birmingham
    Collected 2021

    Pershore Street Car Park,
    Parking for shops and markets.
    Access via stairs.

    Carwash in Edgeware
    Collected 2020

    Edgeware hand carwash.
    Valeting centre open
    Seven days a week.

    Dry Cleaners in Hackney
    Collected 2022

    Express dry cleaners,
    Alterations and repairs
    Same day dry cleaning.

    Turkish Restaurant in Tufnell Park
    Collected 2020

    Adana Kebab -
    Barbecued spicy minced lamb,
    Served with mixed salad.

    Public Safety,
    Collected 2020

    Protect yourself and others.
    HM Government